history books

Some tourists had read the standard works on the history of Wales. These included:

Caradoc, The History of Wales written originally in British by Caradoc of Lhancavan, [actually the Brut y Twysygyon] Englished by Dr Powell [Powel?] and augmented by W Wynne. 1774

Powel, David, The Historie of Cambria now called Wales (London, 1584) , A new edition, (London, 1774)

[Based on H Llwyd’s?? translation of the Chronicles of Caradoc]

Evans, Theophilus Drych y Prif Oesoedd (1717), 2nd ed edition 1740, translated by George Roberts as View of the Primitive Ages, 1834.

Evans’ history tried to show how the history of Britain, particularly the Welsh, was dependent on God’s will. He tried to defend the Anglican church at a time when it was in a very poor state in much of Wales and nonconformity was on the increase. The book was well written, and based on many earlier authors including Gildas, Bede, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Camden, Ussher, Stillingfleet, Sir John Prys, Edward Lhuyd and Abbe Pezron. It was very popular and went through 18 editions between 1794 and 1902.


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